Which polycropped blends have worked for you?

Today in our, “Happy Hour for Fresh-Faced Grain Farmers” everyone seemed to say, “avoid vetch!” It’s hard to separate during cleaning!

What’s your favorite polycrop blend and why??

Ok, I don’t have a favorite polycrop blend I’m just responding as a bulk grain purchaser to attest to the fact that it is indeed hard to separate vetch during cleaning. I see it regularly in bulk grain purchased direct from farm and not from a seed handler - even from farmers who own a color sorter!


Well it’s definitely interesting to hear which impurities make it to the miller’s, “desk!” We had a good long talk about the merits, challenges and tactics of different blends and I’d love to keep the ideas coming!

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Currently seeding buckwheat/cowpeas into 2 small fields (3 ac total) previously planted in rye (one field) and Sonora (the other) and disked in without harvesting (for reasons outside my control). Am irrigating the fields through germination. No other amendments.

Unless you have access to an optical sorter, or a spiral separator at a minimum, I agree: avoid vetch.

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Ooh super interesting approach! Thanks for sharing, David! That’s 100% “no” vote on vetch!

I feel bad for vetch! Bad rap :wink:

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