When do you plant dry land wheat with no rain?

I am trying to decide about planting dates for our dry land wheat.

With no rain in the forecast how long do I wait to plant, January, February?

Renting sprinklers is an option, but it is expensive and I guess I would be committed to using the sprinklers to keep the new plants alive until we did start getting some rain.

How should I be thinking about making these decisions in a potentially dry winter? Any help would be much appreciated!

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That’s a question I faced 3 years in a row. Used to be we often got a dry spell midwinter after early season rain. Now it’s not clear when we’ll get rain and how much. If you get just a little rain and it stops you might be forced to irrigate but if you wait and we get a deluge you might not get in the field. Early February would still be enough time for a crop to mature if the conditions are right. No easy answers.

Good to know that I can wait for a while if I need to, thanks. I farm in what is essentially beach sand, I almost never have so much as a puddle so getting into the field usually isn’t a problem.

I have read that inoculating the seeds with different funguses can greatly increase their access to water, do you have any experience with this?

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I have heard of some farmers using fungal seed treatments and David Johnson at New Mexico State has done research using fungal compost coatings. Never tried it but for your soil with little organic matter it might make sense.

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