What infrastructure do you wish you had better access to?

This winter will be our first time planting wheat, and in trying to figure out a plan I am running into some roadblocks when it comes to infrastructure for a small acreage grain farm.

I am curious what other people with more experience see as the bottlenecks to a more developed local grain economy.

Here is my wishlist:

  1. custom harvester willing to do small lots
  2. seed cleaner willing to clean small lots
  3. quality storage options for harvested grain
  4. market access - retail, farm stand, farmers markets
  5. access to expertise - Training, mentors, agronomists

What infrastructure do you see as missing or needing improvement?

I see what you are experiencing as well.
Let’s set up a call next week. I have your email. I will send a meeting request


Sounds good Chef! I am interested in what the opportunities might be to help build up this kind of grain farming infrastructure in my area.

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John Eck! Always with the 5 :star: questions! I really really need to get on top of my homework assignment of that equipment audit! I can’t seem to get there!! Grr. Did you and @capaymills talk? Also wondering if @earlybirdfarm or @grassvalleygrains want to chime in. Gonna ping Rob Barnett and Rachel Britten and Jon DeRosier and Nate/Bekki Siemens too :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks Leyna.

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg question, but eventually I would like to be able to talk someone into starting businesses that offered these services. You need the acres of grain to justify building an elevator, but you need an elevator to make growing the grain possible.

And of course you need consumer demand for any of it to work, I know this is obvious to everyone, but I am new to thinking about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re thinking all the right things and I find EVERYTHING in this movement to be chicken :chicken: :egg:! At some point I just resigned myself to working on all of it all at once :rofl:


What area are you in Jon?


@jon_eck Not sure you caught the message from @RobBarnett
By the way, welcome to our community Rob!

I hope you can connect soon.

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@RobBarnett !!! YAY WELCOME to Golden State Grains!! Such an asset to have you here.

Definitely mosey over to the, “introduce yourself” category and tell peeps what you’re up to!

Hi Rob, I am in the central valley in the Turlock area.