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Photo: Harvesting HW Patwin 515 from Dingle Elementary with our volunteers Saarah, Allison, and Anya:


As a small volume baker that uses single varietals to bake 100% whole wheat breads, it is part of my mission to connect with farmers who grow the wheat to keep me supplied with the good stuff.


Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Eck and I farm sweet potatoes and almonds with my dad and brother in the Livingston area.

This winter we are planting our first few acres of wheat as a rotational crop with the sweet potatoes. I am a total noob, so any advice is welcome!


This is Roxana Jullapat. I run a bakery in Los Angeles, Friends & Family, where we constantly explore baking with whole grains in our breads and pastries. I work closely with Grist & Toll in Pasadena. I look forward to getting to know more likeminded bakers, millers, and researchers through this forum.


Welcome @jon_eck Jon! We are thrilled to have you be a part of this community! We look forward to testing and tasting your grains next year when you harvest them.

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Hi Roxana. @roxana Welcome to our community. I am so happy to see you here. We hope this forum becomes a place of knowledge sharing and where new connections are made. Looking forward to learning from you also.

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Welcome Dan. We are looking forward to the many more connections you will made here. Thank you for being part of this community. Claudia.

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Nice to see you on our forum, @roxana! Welcome!

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That’s awesome to hear, @dan! Where are you based?

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Hey everyone! I’m Leyna Lightman! I’m based in Los Angeles and I’m half in food/ag/grain and half in the art world! You’ll probably see me around helping @ClaudiaCarter @nan and @barmbaker with the new Golden State Grains site. I work with pretty much all of the small-scale growers in the state and I like community and social justice amongst a heck of a lot of other things! Here’s my IG www.instagram.com/leynalightman


Bay Area; specifically Richmond


Hello! I am a home baker and have been using home-milled flours in my breads and pastries for almost two years now. I live in Santa Barbara but grew up in the Bay Area. I currently source grain berries from Keith Giusto’s in Petaluma, they are great people, but the grain is not California-grown. I would love to start sourcing my grain more locally and am interested in learning more about the entire process of growing and milling and baking. I love bread more than anything and would love to see it turn into a career one day instead of just a lifestyle :slight_smile: Thank you so much for putting in the work to provide these resources and I look forward to learning from all of you!


Yay! This is just the sort of inquiry we love around here!

I can make suggestions closer to SB! What are you looking for??

With regards to learning, I would point you to Clemence Gossett at the Gourmandise School in Santa Monica (all virtual now) https://thegourmandiseschool.com/

Also @nan at Grist and Toll https://gristandtoll.com/ is about to start offering online classes and she’s a GREAT source for The Best flour.

Finally @ahartman and her org Artisan Grain Collaborative are offering a lot of online meetups including a regular sourdough hour!

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Welcome, Welcome!
We love to see new members asking and starting discussions. We hope you can find local grains near where you live, please check out the Farmer’s Directory.

Also, we will be hosting some Zoom events. Our first event is Planning your Grain Planting, you are welcome to join us to learn more about our farmers and also about the things they will be doing as planting will start soon.

More information and registration here:

Welcome @amity :slight_smile:

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Gosh thank you so much! I’ll look into all of these and check the directory for grains close to home.


You are welcome. Happy to help.

You bet!
I would point out that Melissa Sorognon of Piedrassasi goes to the SB farmers market! She grows, mills and bakes! She’s not growing currently but will be again soon. Go introduce yourself :slight_smile:

A little further Larry Kandarian is at Santa Monica markets https://goldenstategrains.com/farmers/kandarian-organic-farms

And finally if you’re willing to make a periodic trip into LA you can get flour from @capaymills Mendocino Grain Project and Gonzales Siemens Family Farm at an amazing food justice non profit called Village Marketplace (must pre-order)


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