UCD Organic Wheat Trials Data and Seed Available

Allison Krill-Brown and her team at UC Davis harvested their organic wheat trial for the exPVP lines this year. To sum up:

The original 79 spring lines (1 was missing and 1 was a winter type) came from Jared via the genebank. These were increased in Tulelake in the spring of 2018. 2 sets were planted in 2019-2020. One set (77 lines) was treated with fungicide and planted in the conventional field, because of smut in some. This seed will be used as a seed source, but there are only a few lbs of each. Some will be selected to include in this years replicated trial after we get quality results.

We can also do a small increase of any lines (either organic or treated) if GROWERS want to test but need larger quantities or we want more for baker testing. THE REST OF THE SEED IS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IT! We can only store a small subset here. We collected heads of each to store as pure seed and I have a few original seeds for breeding.

The second set (66 lines) were grown in the organic SCOPE field. This is what we collected data on and what Saarah will be bringing to Claudia for quality testing for whole grain flours.

Growers, if you are interested in planting a small sample (3-4 lbs of each) of Allison’s wheat varieties, please contact her: Allison Krill-Brown akrillbrown@ucdavis.edu
They are public, off PVP varieties. Please share this: @nan @leynalightman

Thanks for sharing! I wonder if any of our, “grain newbie growers” would have interest in trying some of these!