Special Equipment License Plates

May I know does anyone happens to know something about Special Equipment (SE) License Plates?
We have a RAM 5500 truck. The GVWR is 26000 lbs. And it considers as a commercial license because of the GVWR. And the registration fee for that is around 1300 dollars.
May I know if we can apply for a farm use purpose (SE) license plate and we don’t have to pay that much registration fee, correct?
I checked some info online, saying that SE equipment can’t go highway for 20 mils, does that mean our truck can’t go highway if we successfully apply for a SE license?
Thank you!


Is this Rachel Britten by chance? I wonder if @gfohn has insight and/or works with folks who has insight? Maybe @grassvalleygrains ? Other thoughts @claudiacarter ?

Please let me know if those folks don’t reply to you and I’ll ping them elsewhere. I can be found via leynalightman@gmail.com

@Rachel I may also ask @melundy if he knows someone who you could contact to ask this question?