Soil health and social justice research

Helllllloooooo lovie doves!
It has been awhile!
We’re on the precipice of a new goddanged year! Hallelujah!

Please meet @claire ! Claire is a researcher investigating soil health in connection to the experiences of non-white and not-cis-male humans! Is that you or someone you know? If so, please reach out to her directly. You do NOT need to be a farm or land owner. Peeps working the land are included. This IS specific to folx involved in staple crops, however!

From @claire :
My goal is to give voice to people who haven’t had a voice historically in soil science research and policy. I want to tell your perspective and your challenges. I am reaching out to you with this invitation to participate in a University of Idaho one hour interview to better document connections between well-being, food, and soil management. I am flexible about timing, phone or zoom, and conditions that would be workable for you and your valuable time. Please contact me, Dr. Claire Friedrichsen at or 573-999-7538. Please help make positive change.