Philly Grains and Malt Symposium

Hello fellow grainiacs!
One of the few beautiful opportunities presented to us by the pandemic era is the ability to more readily connect and share best practices across regions. The earth is flat now, isn’t that exciting?!

There may be a lot we can learn from folks doing work to further the grain movement in other parts of the country and even the globe and I’m here to share a great example.

The Philly Grains and Malt Symposium is coming up in a few weeks and you don’t even have to book a flight! I’ll be hosting a panel about local and small-scale grain in the beverage industry in which I specifically sought out players from different regions of the country. Samantha Blatteis of Home Base Spirits will be there from Cali and also Mike Potter of North Carolina (Black Brew Culture and Blacktoberfest) as well as Jen Zimmerman of Minnesota’s Maltwerks and Andrea Stanley of Massachusetts’ Valley Malt! It’s a whole 2-day line up and you can check out the deets here:

In amber waves,