Looking for Heirloom Barley

I am looking for some heirloom barley that will be dry farmed in CA central valley. I will need a hull-less barley for baking etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,
I am the hull-less barley breeder at UC Davis. We have a dry farmed organic trial that includes heirloom as well as modern varieties of hull-less barley. You are welcome to come visit the trials in the new year!
Allison Krill-Brown


Hello Allison,
Thanks for contacting me. I would love to come check things out some time and to pick your brain a bit.
Would you happen to have a source of where I could pick up some hull-less barley seed for this year? I just want to plant just about an acre. Also I am wanting to intercrop some Rye in between a few rows of wine grapes as well if you happen to know any source for that as well.
Bryan Barnes

Hi Bryan,
Where are you located?

I am in a small town (Orosi CA) which is about 45 min SE of Fresno.

Hi Bryan,

Adams grain carries Tamalpais, which is a UC variety. If you are unable to get smaller quantities from them please email me akrillbrown@ucdavis.edu and I can see if another grower has seed for you. OSU has some excellent varieties as well.