Importance of diverse crops and markets for building local grain economies

Mary-Howell Martens’ presentation for Grains Week was the wisest collection of insights I have ever heard about the importance of diverse crops and markets for building a local grain economy. Even if your passion is centered on one particular grain and one particular market, check it out.

Breeding Rotational Varieties for Integrated Systems (0:07:42 - 1:00:08) Presenters: June Russell (Glynwood Center in New York), Peter Martens & Mary Howell-Martens (Martens Farm in New York)

GRAINS WEEK May 3-7, 2021 produced in collaboration with Culinary Breeding Network, Cascadia Grains and the WSU Food Systems Program, Oregon State University, Cornell University, UW-Madison, eOrganic, the Artisan Grain Collaborative, and GrowNYC Grains.

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