How to market whole grains

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to market whole wheat/grain breads, specifically at farmer’s market. People just seem to go straight for the regular white flour products.

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Good question! How about a prominent sign announcing your specially made “genuine” all grains whole, freshly milled, sourdough leavened breads? It’s possible that only those interested in white artisan breads would approach any baker’s stand or store. Therefore, to draw in those who want and need a “genuine” whole grain loaf, an enticing sign would be needed as well as perhaps a yodeling, operatic or folk singing voice announcing such a pleasure.


I agree with Barmbaker - its all about signage and clear messaging around your product. For example, when I shop at markets for local grains, bread, flour, I look for key words that distinguish the high quality products I am looking for such as:

whole grain
heritage grains*
California grown grain
Small production
long-fermented (or mention hours of fermentation)*
traditionally fermented*

At our farmers market in Santa Barbara, we have various farms selling various qualities of grains. But each has its own customers who shop there based on their individual preferences. Some are never going to care that you are whole grain, but others will. If any of the starred keywords above apply to your product, you may want to consider reaching out to the local Weston A Price or SLOW Food Chapter in your community – their members will want to know about you and how to access your products.

Hope this helps!


Hi Dan,

I am not a baker but I am a recent convert to whole grain bread, for me it was tasting a loaf made with freshly milled whole wheat by my buddy Mike. I have tried whole wheat bread from the grocery store many times and it was not that great, but a fresh sourdough loaf is an entirely different animal, even my kids loved it!

Maybe there’s a way to help people realize the difference in flavor from what they have experienced in the past. What about making some very small pan loaves that you could sell for a couple of bucks or even give away for free on occasion to let people experience what they are missing. You might make some new whole wheat customers that way?

It may also be useful to let people know what to pair it with, like a strong cheese or fig spread, just to get their imagination working.

Again, I am not a baker, and I don’t know if this sort of thing is feasible. Good luck!


Love this topic and the great ideas from the community! Thanks for posing the question! I wonder if @roxana wants to weigh in?!

Definitely need some keywords. I’m thinking signage that lists with checkboxes next to them:

Locally sourced
Identity preserved
Freshly milled

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I had an interesting conversation about this topic with Emily at Wildflower Bread

She is in the middle of a big shift to her biz model- from whole grain bakery to whole grain baking school! She is planning to make a GSG forum profile but I encourage you to go follow her and get in touch

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I love all the great ideas our community is providing to @dan on how to market whole grains. I will say my story is similar to @jon_eck 's . Once I tried real whole grain bread made by an artisan baker, then I never went back to the grocery to get bread.
@katiehershfelt @barmbaker
Thank you all. your comments make me hopeful.