How are you storing grain after harvest?

With next summer being our first harvest I am trying to get a picture of grain management from the combine auger until it is delivered to a buyer.

Here is my current plan.

  • empty combine into super sacks
  • clean grain ASAP, either at a local elevator or on the farm
  • store in super sacks or 50# bags in the shop with no fumigation or climate control and only some rats (kidding! mostly)
  • bag for sale and deliver

This is how it will work in my imagination, what am I missing? What have you done that has worked or not worked? Can rats be trained to run an air cleaner? Thanks!


@capaymills or @grassvalleygrains do you have any advice for Jon.

Jon. We are so excited about your first grain harvest next year. We know a lot of bakers and millers out there will be thrilled to get your grains. Positive energy sending your way for planting and growing season.


These topics are so gosh dang SALIENT! Loving your contributions. I’m going to tag @nan and @dave on this. As some very savvy end-users they may have feedback.

Hey Jon,

Shoot me a pmail and I’ll share some hard-learned experiences. I have a trailer of used seed bins sitting in my yard at the moment, and will head down to my storage space to fumigate several tons of stored grain later this week.

  • David

Thanks David, I will definitely do that!

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